In the Beginning

The Mu Lambda Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. was chartered in 1977 on the campus of Northeast Louisisana University in Monroe, LA by five undergradute students who later became know as the Magnificant 5. The five young men were assisted by the brothers of Monroe's graduate chapter, Mu Tau.

The five neophytes along with the Mu Tau brothers, who became the Chapter's sponsoring graduate chapter, applied for a charter. The charter was granted December 19, 1977 and later received at the San Fransico Grand Conclave.

The Bloodline

Making Good Bruhs SInce 1977


Flashback of the Mu Lambda Bruhs.

Chapter Officers

We are putting together one of the best homecomings ever.


Mickel Holman II



Blair Guillory

1st Vice Basileus


Korian Reynaud

Keeper of Records & Seal


Darryl Rayford

Keeper of Finance


Collin Turner



Reginald Turner II


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